Bi-monthly talk series with Dr. Wellington Migliari and Lluc Font-Pomarol

Dr. Migliari (University of Barcelona) and Mr. Font-Pomarol (Universitat Rovira i Virgili)

EVICT Bi-monthly talk series on housing and data science

On the 13th of April (from 04:00 – 05:30 CET Amsterdam / Berlin / Paris), EVICT will have the pleasure of hosting Dr. Wellington Migliari and Lluc Font-Pomarol, speaking on housing and data science.

About the speakers

Dr. Migliari will present his work on homelessness in Brazil, with a particular focus on the data analysis techniques used, and the process of aggregating the data into a reader-friendly format. Furthermore, the talk will delve into the correlations between homelessness and other social factors in Brazil, as well as present several starting points for data analysis and ‘right to housing’ research in Europe.

Lluc Font-Pomarol is a PhD candidate at the Universitat Rovira i Virgili and will speak on his paper ‘Socially disruptive periods and topics from information-theoretical analysis of judicial decisions’ written together with Angelo Piga, Rosa Maria Garcia-Teruel, Sergio Nasarre-Aznar, Marta Sales-Pardo & Roger Guimerà. The paper utilized an information-theoretic methodology to quantitatively track trends and shifts in the evolution of large corpora of judicial decisions. Applied to a corpus of decisions in the field of housing, periods can be detected in which disruptive topics arise and are subsequently interpreted in terms of the role played by legislative changes, landmark decisions, and the influence of social movements.

The paper is available here:


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April 13th, 2023

  • Location: Online
  • Organised by: EVICT

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