Monthly talk series with Prof. Ingrid Leijten

Dr. Leijten (Tilburg University)

Financialization in the Housing Sector: Potential and Pitfalls of a Human Rights Based Approach

Housing is often seen as a vehicle for wealth accumulation rather than a social good. At the same time: calls for recognizing that housing is a human right, become stronger. In this talk, it will be discussed what financialization is and how it can be linked to the human right to adequate housing. Examples are presented of how human rights actors – and more generally, a human rights perspective – can confront the issue of financialization. At the same time, it is argued that an attack based on human rights comes with inherent limitations.

About the monthly EVICT talks:

On the third Thursday of every month, we will have a speaker on a topic related to evictions, the right to housing, housing law, the (complex) relation between international law and national law, and/or data science. Each month, we will have a different international speaker (ranging from scholars to practitioners) who will offer fascinating insights into their area of expertise.

For now, the talks will be held online. Each of these talks will begin at 4:00 pm and end at 5:00 pm (Amsterdam/Berlin/Paris, UTC+01:00).

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24 March, 2022

  • Location: Online
  • Organised by: EVICT

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