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EVICT Seminar on Housing and Health

May 19th, 2022

The EVICT project organized a special hybrid seminar on the interplay between the right to housing and the right to health, with Professor Brigit Toebes, Marlies Hesselman, LLM and Professor Michel Vols. A summary report of this seminar can be found here on our website.


05:00 Opening by Emma Bowar
07:37 Talk by Brigit Toebes on the right to health
23:00 Discussant (Tokuko Munesue)
29:00 Talk by Michel Vols on the right to housing
48:25 Discussant (Paul van Sasse IJselt)
58:25 Talk by Marlies Hesselman on housing in the right to health context
1:19:20 Discussant (Emma Sweeney)
1:35:53 Closing remarks by Emma Bowar

About the speakers

Prof. Brigit Toebes is a Professor of Health Law in a global context at the Faculty of Law and scientific director of the Aletta Jacobs School of Public Health. Her research, which is embedded in the Groningen Centre for Health Law, is at the intersection of health law, international law and human rights.

Prof. Michel Vols is the Principal Investigator in the EVICT project and a full professor of law at the University of Groningen. His main fields of research are housing law, human rights, public safety, and legal methodology.

Dr. Marlies Hesselman is an Assistant Professor in International Law at the University of Groningen, focussing on

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