Published On: 10 December, 20210.7 min read

Special EVICT Talk with Dr. Hadeel Abu Hussein & Dr. Manal Totry-Jubran – Beyond the Political Clash: Using Land Law and Housing Law to Understand the Evictions in Sheikh Jarrah

Watch the previous special edition EVICT talk with Dr. Hadeel Abu Hussein & Dr. Manal Totry-Jubran:


Beyond the political clash: Using land law and housing law to understand the evictions in Sheikh Jarrah

The EVICT Project is organizing a special session of our Monthly talk series on the evictions in Sheikh Jarrah with Dr. Hadeel Abu Hussein (University of Oxford) and Dr. Manal Totry- Jubran (Bar-Ilan University). This talk will be dedicated to examining the domestic and international legal context of the recent forced  evictions in East Jerusalem (Sheikh Jarrah), as well as highlighting the  difficulties associated with protecting the right to housing in Palestine.


The EVICT Monthly Talk Series takes place every third Thursday of the month. For the next talk, please see our event page for further information.

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