Dr. Masha Medvedeva

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Evictions & the right to housing
International law
Using data science in law

Masha Medvedeva is a computational linguist and a postdoctoral researcher in AI and Law at Radboud university. She defended her PhD ‘Identification, Categorisation and Forecasting of Court Decisions’, under supervision of Michel Vols and Martijn Wieling at the University of Groningen. Her work focused on automatic detection of linguistic patterns within legal data, with particular focus on analysing and developing systems designed to predict court decisions. Much of her work concerned the judgements of the European Court of Human Rights. As a member of EVICT, Masha focused on researching housing rights using data science techniques. As part of her work, she developed machine learning systems for classification and analysis of Dutch case law, as well as specifically eviction cases.

Dr. Masha Medvedeva

Affiliated researcher