Published On: 22 March, 20221.1 min read

Horizontality and Housing Rights: Protection against Private Evictions from a European and South African Perspective

Prof. Michel Vols (EVICT, University of Groningen) and Dr. Sarah Fick (University of the Western Cape, Cape Town) have published a new paper on housing rights and the protection against eviction. They discuss the recent ECtHR judgement of FJM v. the United Kingdom.

In this decision the ECtHR made a decision on the required protection against private evictions that threatens to water-down the protection of housing rights offered by the echr. Vols and Fick’s article sets out to determine the effect of the FJM judgment on the protection provided by Article 8, especially in matters concerning private evictions. The analysis of the case includes a discussion on whether the decision of the ECtHR was correct, considering both its previous decisions, as well as the SA Constitutional Court’s findings in similar matters. It analyses the recent European and South African case law with the help of a number of concepts developed in legal theory. These concepts concern vertical and horizontal relations between actors involved in housing law cases, as well as direct and indirect effect of human and constitutional rights.

The paper is open access and can be found here.

On April 21st 2022, Vols and Fick will also participate in an EVICT seminar on Property and Proportionality in Housing Law and Eviction Litigation. Please see our events section for more information.

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Prof. dr. Michel VolsPrincipal investigator, Professor of Public Order Law

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