Annual Conference on Law, Property, and Society

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Annual Conference on Law, Property, and Society

The EVICT Team will attend the Annual Conference on Law, Property, and Society (ALPS) with the following presentations:

Michel Vols, “Developing the right to housing index: the role of the right to property”
Michelle Bruijn, “Wrongly or rightfully evicted: Studying the impact of the right to housing, the right to property, and the social control function of eviction by statistically analysing eviction litigation of the European Court of Human Rights”
Iris Schepers, “Detangling and Understanding the Web of Housing Rights”
Emma Sweeney, The Implications of the Revised Social Charter, Right to Housing on Private Property Rights: A Systematic Content Analysis
Irene Visser & Nora Bouzoraa, A right to respect for the home – but not in mortgage enforcement proceedings? Findings from the Netherlands
Andrei Quintiá Pastrana, On the edge of the right to housing: the obligation to offer a social rental contract in Spanish regional law

11 May, 2023

  • Location:
  • Organised by: The Association for Law, Property & Society

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