Law and Society Association Annual Meeting

The EVICT Team will attend the Law and Society Association Annual Meeting (LSA Conference) with the following panel session:

EVICT paper session on combining data science and law to study the international right to housing

The past global financial crisis and current housing crisis have led to a significant increase in the number of evictions. In the Global South, evictions are omnipresent due to conflicts and urban development. In the Global North, evictions are on the rise due to social inequality and discrimination.In addition, a growing number of people face obstacles and (unbreakable) barriers in their search for adequate housing. In this paper session, researchers from the (ERC-funded) EVICT project will shed their light on the role of the international right to housing in protecting the power- and propertyless. By Combining traditional legal research with data science, the researchers go far beyond the state of the art to understand and explain the impact of the international right to housing.


Michel Vols
Michelle Bruijn
Andrei Quintiá Pastrana
Stefan van Tongeren
Emma Sweeney
Iris Schepers

June 1st, 2023

  • Location: Caribe Hilton
  • Organised by: Law & Society Association

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